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Potter's Coaching Philosophy

By Bruce Talbot • 21 May 2019

New Brighton & Hove Albion head coach Graham Potter has outlined his coaching philosophy and a determination to get better every day.

Speaking after his appointment on Monday, Potter also talked about his footballing beliefs and the challenge of implementing those following his first appointment as a Premier League manager.

He said, “The first thing is that we will try and play football in a positive way.

“That's how I've always worked. You have to look at the attributes the players have and play to their strengths.

“But it's also about making them enjoy their football. That can transfer into positivity and good performances. Any team has to be defensively organised, and we'll try and do that, but we want to play positive football.

“My job is to quickly understand the strengths of the players and to help them improve, but there is no doubt the Premier League is so competitive.

“Anybody can beat you on the day, that’s the reality of the league, but what’s great about football is that you can also win. We need to try to develop a team that understands that but has that humility and respect for the game.

“Then we will work really hard at improving how we want to play football.”

On a personal level, Potter says he is pleased with the progress he has made since he ended his playing career at the relatively early age of 30 and turned to coaching.

“I am proud of the journey I have been on so far, but hopefully there is another 14 years ahead of me.

“I know I will need to improve, but then so will everyone connected with the club. But that is one of the things I liked when I spoke to the people at the club over the weekend – that desire and need to get better.

“As a coach I try to do a bit better tomorrow than I did today. That’s how I’ve always focussed my career.”