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Hughton's Tribute To 'wonderful' Regis

By Kieran Cleeves • 18 January 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton paid tribute to the late Cyrille Regis, praising the former England international for his attributes both on and off the pitch, after he passed away at the age of 59 on Monday.

The Albion boss played against Regis numerous times throughout his career, and commented on the inspirational character shown by the former West Bromwich Albion forward, during a difficult era in football.

He said, “He was a wonderful man and a friend, somebody that I knew for many years. In particular as a player, we went out on lots of social events.

“Cyrille was the same age as myself and we played in a period that was more difficult for black players playing that game.

“His legacy at West Brom has been very well documented, but he went through all of those years with an lot of dignity.

“Players that played with him looked up to Cyrille, and there’s been some wonderful references from players who came after him, about what he did for them and the pathways he allowed them to have.

“He was a fabulous player and exceptional person - I can’t remember speaking to anybody that didn’t like him. He was a really intelligent man, and one that was respected by all.”

Regis played over 470 games for the Baggies and Coventry City combined, before periods at numerous other clubs, and Hughton commented on how the striker will be best remembered as a player.

“As a player, he was a very tough individual. He wasn’t a naturally aggressive player - although he had a big frame - his aggression came from his physique.

“He was a really powerful runner -  the type of number nine that most clubs are paying a  lot of money for now. He would certainly have a been a top player today. .

“He had really good individual qualities that could create something, especially when you think of the wonderful individual goals that he scored, and that’s how he would be remembered.”

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