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Hughton On: Huddersfield Town

By Kieran Cleeves • 06 April 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton spoke to the media ahead of this weekend’s Premier League clash against Huddersfield Town at the Amex Stadium, and here’s what came out of his pre-match press conference.

DIFFICULT SCHEDULE: “I don’t think you can afford to look at any fixture, however hard they are, and feel that you’re not able to get something from it.

“I’m quite sure that once this game with Huddersfield is over with, we’ll look at the next game in the same way, and we’d want to get a result.

“I’m conscious that this is a home game for us and because we weren’t able to win our last one, it does put more pressure on this game.

“But whatever the next game would have been, there would have been more pressure on that game and it just happens to be Huddersfield.”

RECENT FORM: “We’ve got a group that have been up for the challenge all season. Around that, there have been some good performances and some not-so-good performances.

“Probably what I would say about our recent form is that, away to Everton we didn’t deserve to get anything out of the game.

“But anybody that’s seen our last two performances away at Manchester United and at home to Leicester - you couldn’t fault the performances.

“We’re off the back of an unjust performance against Leicester, but what you have to be able to do is score goals to win games - and this is a really good opportunity to return to winning ways.”

UNDER PRESSURE? “Firstly, it’s very difficult to assess or determine the pressure in the group because the only way you can do that is by their performances and how they are during the week.

“In a period where our performances have been good, but the results not so good, I’ve not sensed a change of feeling in the group.

“They’ve trained very well and have still been very dedicated to doing the right things. The performances at Old Trafford and last week were good enough performances.

“They’ve gone about their business the right way and that has enabled us to be in games. I would like us to stay that way until the end of the season.”

HUDDERSFIELD TEST: “You have to overlook their recent form because if that’s the case and you think games are going to be easier than what they are, then there’s only one way it’s going to go.

“They are a very good side that are capable of getting good results at any stage. You have to look at where they can hurt you and nullify the strengths they’ve got.

“More importantly, what we’ve got to do is play well ourselves. If we play well ourselves, we’ve got a chance of winning, but if we don’t play well then we’ve got a every chance of losing.”

Albion supporters can watch Chris Hughton's full look ahead to the game on Seagulls TV above - fans can subscribe to the service here.

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