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Programme Teaser: Izquiero's Learning Curve

By Luke Nicoli • 27 June 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion winger Jose Izquierdo has enjoyed his first full season in  England both on and off the pitch.

The Colombian has had a good learning experience during his first campaign with the Seagulls, as he revealed in an interview with the matchday magazine.

He said, “What I soon discovered was that the players are massive here!”

“Physically, I’m smaller but I have other strengths, so it was a case of adapting to the league I’m playing in – and to keep working on my best features.

“I think where I am at now is a result of the work that I’ve been putting in throughout the season. I’m now physically stronger and I can maintain the levels I need for the full 90 minutes.

“As I’ve said in interviews before, the Izquierdo that arrived here is different to the Izquierdo you see now.

“I would like to thank the coach, my team-mates, and all the people I have had contact with who have helped me get to this point.”

Izquierdo was known for his spectacular strikes last season, after finding the net in emphatic fashion twice against West Ham United and the brilliant team goal away to Stoke City in February.

“The goal against Stoke in the away game was the best one because it was a team goal.”

“I thought it was a quality goal in which Solly [March] and Dale [Stephens] played a good one-two and I was also pleased with my finish.

“Those type of goals come from the training ground, things that you work on all the time – and when they come off in a match situation, it’s perfect.

“I’m the one who receives the praise because I’ve scored the goal, but it’s my team-mates who really deserve it too.

“To be fair the goal is not for me, it is for them. If they don’t give me the ball back perfectly, it’s impossible to score like this. If you don’t have players with quality it is impossible.”

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