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Bruno's Premier League Highlights

By Alex Stedman • 08 August 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion defender Bruno attended the Premier League Season Launch Event in Manchester on Tuesday afternoon, and he reflected on some of his favourite moments from last season ahead of the new campaign this weekend.

The Spaniard talked about the toughest opponents he’d faced, his pre-match routine, his Premier League debut and more. 

Favourite Premier League game? 

“The last home game against Manchester United at the Amex Stadium last season – it was so special because we achieved our aim of survival after that win. 

“To do it against a big side like that was so important and it was my best day in the league.” 

Toughest day in the Premier League? 

“Probably the home game against Liverpool because they seemed to be on another level that day – we got beat and there was a feeling that they were much better than us on the day.

“But you know that will happen in this league and you have to go through with that.”

Superstitions before a game? 

“I have quite a lot, normally I have an ice bath before the pre-match meal and then after I try to get myself ready as best as possible.

“I always step onto the pitch with my right foot, and I also pray too – most of the players do the same thing every week.”

Best player you’ve played with and against? 

“I would say David Silva, Juan Mata and David Villa when we were together at Valencia, we had a good team and the three of them were unbelievable.

“I’ve been lucky to play against them again in the Premier League – and I’ve played against so many good players in this division that it’s hard to pick one. 

“The likes of Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne were brilliant but the quality across the league as a whole is unbelievable.” 

What did you feel when you made your Premier League debut? 

“It was really special – at my age and at home against Manchester City meant it was fantastic.

“After all that the club had been through over the years, it was great to see the club and city in that league - it was really special. 

“The thing that stands out for me about the people of the city is their outlook on life – I’m from Barcelona and our way of thinking is quite similar and that’s why I settled down so well on the south coast – it’s a really special place for me.”

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