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Bernardo: Premier League Helps Brazilian Dream

By Kieran Cleeves • 16 December 2018

Brighton & Hove Albion defender Bernardo believes his decision to move to the Premier League will boost his chances of representing Brazil over the coming years, as he continues to chase his dream.

After making the summer switch from RB Leipzig, the 23-year-old has started four consecutive matches for Chris Hughton’s team and is now focused on continuing his progress to attract international attention.

He said, “My plan when I came to England was also to get closer to my dream of playing for the national team. The Premier League makes that more possible.

“Look at Richarlison — Everton are a top team not in the big six, but he’s managed to get into the national team.

“When you’re playing in a competition like the Premier League, I believe that you already have a very good level.

“It’s about your performance, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing for the team in last place or the champions. It’s about your individual quality and what you show on the pitch.

“The coach from the national team will be watching all of the matches. If he doesn't want to watch Bernardo, he’ll be watching Willian, but I’m playing against Willian, so the the coach will see you!”

The Seagulls face matches against Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool over the coming month, and Bernardo spoke the enjoyment he gets out of going up against England’s top sides.

“It’s a big challenge but that’s one of the reasons I came to England. Other leagues won’t give you the opportunity to frequently play against such good teams, and that’s why the Premier League is the best league in the world.

“In Germany, you have to wait weeks and weeks to play against the likes of Bayern [Munich] or Borussia [Dortmund]. But every two or three weeks you’re facing a big opponent in the Premier League.

“I’m only at the beginning of my career, but I have my goals and want to become a better player. To understand my level, I have to play against big players in every single match.”

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