Bus Travel Access

Bus Travel Access

Can I get to the stadium on the bus?

For details of free bus travel within the designated bus Travel Zone please refer to our travel guide in the ‘Fan Guide’ page. The stadium is served regularly by the number 25 bus, which stops in Village Way -  the nearest stop to the stadium is The Amex Stadium. While the 23 bus stops at Knights Gate Road in Falmer Village & Falmer Station.

The buses have the following facilities:

  • All Brighton and Hove buses are wheelchair accessible.
  • Each bus has suspension that is capable of being lowered to meet the level of the kerbstone.
  • Every bus is fitted with screens showing the name of the next stop.
  • Bright and easy displays on the front, rear and nearside of the buses clearly show the route number and final destination of each service.

For more information on bus times and accessibility please visit buses.co.uk