Competition Winners

Competition Winners

A young Albion supporter interviewed Leandro Trossard after winning the ‘Interview a Player’ competition for junior Seagulls supporters last month.

The lucky fan was 12-year-old Zach from Hove, who is a season ticket holder at the Amex.

Zach said that his reasons for choosing the Belgian to ask his questions to were because, “he [Trossard] produces moments of magic in crucial times for the Albion such as when he created the chance leading to the own goal winner against Everton. He is also really skilful and has a good shot.”

Zach was chosen from over 50 entries by BBC Radio Sussex’s Johnny Cantor, who praised the 12-year-old for the variety of questions that he wanted to ask.

The full interview can be read below.

Q: How did you feel walking out of the tunnel in a Brighton shirt for the first time?

A: It was a special feeling for me because it was my first game for Brighton and also in the Premier League. I just enjoyed the moment, it’s a really nice club to play for. It was all about the little details, the crowd was amazing and there were so many supporters, so it was just a special moment for me.

Q: If you could go back in time and tell your younger self something what would it be?

A: When I was younger I was a bit lazy in what I did. So I would say work a little bit harder from when you are young and maybe it will help to bring me a bit further than I already am.

Q: What’s it like in the changing room before a game?

A: It’s very relaxed. It’s not good to stress before a game so the lads are speaking with each other, some of the guys have their airpods in and listen to music. We also have a speaker. We just want to concentrate on the game and be focused before we go and warm up.

Q: What is your favourite moment in your career?

A: I think it was last season when I became a champion with my former club [Genk]. It was a really special moment for me.

Q: Who inspired you to be a footballer?

A: My dad was always busy playing football and I wanted to play football from a young age. When I was five, I played on the streets with my friends and watching football on TV was a big thing. Seeing Ronaldinho who was one of my favourite players, and when you see the stars playing on TV you want to become one of them. That’s another inspiration, learning from them and going to play with my friends and enjoying the moment, which is the most important thing when you are younger, and letting the rest come.

Zach, who is a keen footballer and plays as a left-back for his team, started out at left wing, and the Belgian had some parting advice for the youngster.

“All my career, I have not played in only one position. I have also played as a number 10 and as a deeper striker. You learn from each position as you play, especially when you are younger, so it’s good that you can play in different positions. It also gives you a different perspective, so it’s always so I said, enjoy it.”

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